Sheepskin Motorcycle Seat Covers

Sheepskin FAQ

Hartco’s Custom Sheepskin Motorcycle Seat Covers
For All Motorcycles and Scooters

Hour for hour, mile for mile, there is no other accessory you can add to your motorcycle that will contribute so much to your comfort and riding pleasure.

We are all familiar with the steaming hot effect of vinyl and other seat materials in the summer sun. Because of the natural insulating qualities of sheepskin, as it traps thousands of tiny pockets of air, your seat becomes cool when it’s HOT and warm when it’s COLD. Gone are the perspiration soaked clothes and the fear of getting back on that “hot seat” after parking your motorcycle in the sun while you eat, sight see, or relax! What else can you purchase for your motorcycle that adds so much to your riding pleasure?

Unfortunately, not all motorcycle seats are made for all people, and the design and padding of many motorcycle seats does not add to the pleasure of long range riding comfort. The sheepskins used to design Hartco custom sheepskin seat covers are chosen for their thick, dense quality and are sheared to 3/4 inch length for the optimum “lift”. Therefore, they contour to the needs of your sitting posture. They also retain their tight, sleek look and never present that “dead dog” appearance given by some long shaggy skins. Hartco custom sheepskin motorcycle seat covers give you a level of riding comfort that you must experience to believe.

While riding, exposure to rain will not harm your Hartco sheepkin motorcycle seat cover. Just towel it dry as soon as convenient. But as with any fine product, protection from excessive moisture or other harmful elements is wise. We have rain covers available for all seat, passenger, driver and armrest covers.


Designed and crafted in Crescent City, FL, Hartco sheepskin motorcycle seat covers are the finest available. Our covers are constructed totally from 100% “velvet grade” sheepskin. No vinyl or other inexpensive material is used to lessen the cost of manufacturing. Our covers are sewn with industrial nylon thread and high grade elastic is used to “lip” the cover under your seat all the way around for that “custom seat” appearance.


Hartco has in-house pattern designers. Therefore, any stock or after market motorcycle seat can be covered as if it were “sprayed on”. Each sheepskin motorcycle seat cover pattern Hartco makes is designed to fit only one model motorcycle seat, thereby ensuring a perfect fit. A drawstring is not used in the production of our covers so there are no side “puckers” that could take away from your cover’s sleek look. We have received countless phone calls, cards and letters from individuals and couples who have won dresser contests using Hartco fitted sheepskin motorcycle seat covers. With your investment in your motorcycle, you deserve no less than the best.


We have nine colors for matching your paint or seat color. We have motorcycle seat covers to fit most touring, sport, cruisers, or scooter seats since 1978 – including passenger backrests and all popular driver backrests. If you have a “one of a kind” aftermarket seat that was constructed for you only, you may send the seat to us, and we will make a perfectly fitted cover for your custom seat for a nominal $40 additional pattern fee. Two-tone color combinations are available on all models. Call for assistance.

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