Special Application Passenger Backrests

Upright, thinner passenger backrest

HEATERS ARE NOW AVAILABLE IN HARTCO’S PASSENGER BACKRESTS FOR THE HONDA GL1800.   Hartco’s Thinner and more Upright Passenger backrest for the Honda GL 1800 Goldwing.
Hartco has developed a replacement passenger backrest for GL 1800 Gold Wing passengers that would like more room (wouldn’t they all?) and for those passengers that feel they lean back at too great an angle. After hearing complaints since the inception of the GL 1800, that the severe angle of the passenger backrest was causing back and shoulder pain in passengers, Hartco developed a replacement pad for the Honda GL 1800 Goldwing that replicates the angle of the Honda GL 1500 Goldwing passenger pad that was very popular with almost all passengers. The Hartco replacement pad is the same size and shape as the factory pad but is thinner – giving the passenger one and a half more inches of room; and, because of the change in the angle, it also allows the passenger to sit more upright thereby reducing back strain. The replacement Goldwing? passenger pad comes in black to match the factory vinyl on the bike seat and with the corresponding stitch pattern. The replacement pad attaches in exactly the same way as the factory pad. The Hartco passenger pad can be purchased with a new, custom-made Hartco saddle or separately.

Upright backrest GL 1800 side view