About Us

Hartco International has been the leader in custom, aftermarket motorcycle seats and seat covers for Honda, Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki and BMW since 1980. Hartco makes the finest custom made, aftermarket motorcycle seats available.

Each seat is hand-poured from the liquid polyurethane foam. The foam is then weighed on a gram scale to the exact proportions for the driver and passenger according to their height, weight and inseam. This method assures that each and every front and rear seating area is the perfect density. Then a skilled technician hand cuts and grinds each foam until the desired height and width is achieved.

The shape of the “bucket” for both rider and passenger is critical in a custom made motorcycle seat. A motorcycle seat or saddle that is flat simply won’t work. A human being rests on their Ischia Tuberosity’s, the boney protrusions off the pelvis. Sitting on anything flat creates undue stress to this area which causes the rider to constantly shift from one side to the other…the restless butt syndrome. The custom, aftermarket motorcycle seat must be contoured and sculpted to relieve the pressure on these two areas. If not, discomfort and even cases of Sciatica may occur. With proper shaping combined with the correct quality and density of foam, these manifestations of discomfort simply don’t occur.