Yamaha Motorcycle Seats


Every custom motorcycle seat that Hartco builds is built to height, weight and inseam for both driver and passenger.  Most Yamaha custom seats can be ordered with or without the removable and fully adjustable drivers backrest, as well as a custom passenger pad on the trunk.

1983-1997 Yamaha Venture
This is another completely custom built seat from Hartco.  This seat is built with modern technology even though it is designed for an older bike.  Every custom motorcycle seat that Hartco builds is built to height, weight and inseam for both driver and passenger.  This Yamaha Venture custom seat can be ordered with or without the removable and fully adjustable drivers backrest. The backrest folds forward for her to mount easily and comes with a removable pouch for maps or her goodies.  A matching cover can be ordered for the factory passenger pad on the trunk.
Yamaha 1100 V-star classic and custom
The Yamaha V Star 1100 Classic and Custom are cruisers to die for. This bike will do it all and has the looks to go with it. Again, the factory seat is something else. The Hartco seat takes out the hammock effect in the seat. That is when you try to move rearward in the seat to sit in the large part of the seat, and you find that your rear end is going up hill. If you sit on a slope, you’ll get a mighty sore tailbone. The Hartco saddle changes the angle so both driver and passenger sit in a nice dish, contoured to allow your bottom to be cradled in the seat. No more sliding forward. No more sore tailbones or butt bones. The driver’s seat is 18 1/2 inches wide and the passenger’s seat is 14 1/2 inches across. The saddle is available with a built-in, removable and adjustable driver’s backrest and with or without a velour cloth top for heat and perspiration control.
Yamaha 1300 V-star velour top no backrest
This beautiful Yamaha V-star 1300 is built for a rider with heat and perspiration issues. This velour top does not get hot or sweaty while riding in summer heat. It is also much more comfortable for those who ride year round in cooler climate who want to swing a leg over the seat when the thermometer drops.
Yamaha 1300 V-Star

Yamaha’s crown prince of the V-Star family!  SUPER bike with everything anyone could want or need except a comfortable seat!  Hartco has solved the problem with their custom built motorcycle seat for the Yamaha V-Star 1300.  Hartco has designed a big, scooped-out saddle meant to ride all day in comfort.  Every Hartco motorcycle seat for the Yamaha Vstar is hand-poured from the liquid polyurethene foam to the customers’ height, weight and inseam.  Each seat will be the correct density and height for every rider and passenger. The seat can be all vinyl or come with a marine-grade velour top to prevent heat and perspiration.

Yamaha 1300 V-star with driver backrest

Here is the super new motorcycle seat for the Prince of the V-Star family with a built-in, removable and fully adjustable driver’s backrest. There is one knob that you turn to move the hinged backrest pad fore and aft. The unit also hinges at the surface of the seat to lean all the way forward to make her mounting and dismounting so easy. This custom motorcycle seat is really a motorcycle saddle. You sit in the seat rather than on it. This is an all day touring seat or simply pull the driver’s back rest out and close the velcro flap and have a mean street machine with a comfortable but sleek and streamlined saddle.

Yamaha V-star 1300 big-boy seat
This new saddle by Hartco really completes the trifecta for Yamaha cruisers. The big V-star 1300 is the baddest of the V-stars but again, lacking in seat comfort. The seat pictured is a custom designed and constructed saddle for a Big rider.  All 1300 V-star saddles are hand built to the height weight and inseam of driver and passenger regardless of size so that the fit is perfect. This model comes with (pictured) or without a driver’s backrest which is removable and fully adjustable and has a pouch on the back for her goodies.
Yamaha Roadstar 1600/1700

The Hartco saddle for the Yamaha Roadstar is available in widths up to eighteen and a half inches. This saddle is custom built for height, weight and inseam. We can build it for the smallest, lightest driver who is inseam challenged to the largest, heaviest rider out here. This saddle comes with or without our built-in, adjustable and removable driver backrest or just the saddle by itself. Unlike the factory seat, our saddle is concave or scooped out so the rider and co-rider sit in the saddle and not on the saddle. We have also changed the pitch of the saddle so the driver does not slide forward. The Hartco saddle was built for the long distance rider but still offers a tremendous improvement for those who choose to just cruise around town. Our saddle is available in all black, high quality vinyl or with a velour top for heat and perspiration control. The Renegade can also be ordered with studs only or with studs and skirts with conchos.

Yamaha Royal Star

Any Royal Star owner will testify as to how much he loves his bike and how much he dislikes the seat. This is one of the slide forward and sit on the narrow part seats. The passenger pad is, as usual, too narrow and very hard. Hartco remedies this by making a nice, wide scooped front seat built for all day on the road and a 15-inch wide, dished passenger seat that will satisfy the fussiest co-rider.

This Hartco saddle is also available with an optional driver’s backrest and cloth top for heat and perspiration control.

Yamaha Royal Star Venture

With the introduction of this gorgeous bike in 1999 Yamaha again had a super winner motorcycle.  This touring bike has everything.  Touring ability and nimble handling.  It also has a very uncomfortable seat.  With Hartco’s thirty years of experience building custom motorcycle seats it was a breeze to make the new Venture comfy.  The rider’s seat is as deep as possible and dished-out to cradle your behind.  Not force you to ride on a crowned-up beach ball.  Never again will you feel your boney butt bones or tail bone.  The passenger will like you a lot more and want to ride a lot more  and want to stop a lot LESS!!  The front and rear seat are each fabricated ONE-AT-A-TIME for each and every customer so that the foam density and height is appropriate to his and her weights and inseams.  This beautiful custom motorcycle seat comes with or without a built-in, fully adjustable driver’s backrest that move fore and aft four inches and pulls out of the seat easily for sport riding.  It folds over forward flat so that she can get on and off easily.  This is truly an all day touring saddle.

Yamaha 650 classic seat only

The saddle for the Yamaha V Star 650 Classic is a classic. This Hartco saddle turns a beautiful and well-balanced bike into a pleasure to ride. Instead of looking for a place to rest, this touring seat gives you touring comfort from tank to tank. The front seat, which has perfect ergonomics and 15 1/2 inches of side to side comfort, allows the driver to sit back in the saddle and relieves the age-old bony-butt hot spot problem. The passenger receives a tremendous boost in comfort as their seat is a full 14 1/2 inches of contoured comfort and is also made to their weight.

This saddle comes with or without a built-in, removable and fully adjustable driver’s backrest.

Yamaha 950 V-star
Wow, another super comfortable addition to the Hartco custom motorcycle seats line of phenomenally designed seats.  This one cradles the rider and passenger’s butts for long hours in the saddle.  Hartco fabricates each individual seat one at a time for each and every customer.  The driver and passenger’s seats are hand-poured to their weights and cut to their specific inseams.  The saddle is scooped out with no pressure what so ever on the old tail bone or “sits bones”.  This Yamaha V star 950 seat comes with or without a built-in, removable and fully adjustable driver’s backrest.
Yamaha Roadliner/Stratoliner
This Yamaha big twin is stylish and powerful and the Hartco saddle was made to match.  It is big and comfortable.  This saddle can be made up to eighteen inches wide for total support for tall or heavy riders or constructed more narrow for those who need to find the ground.  The passenger seat comes fifteen inches wide for her comfort.  As in all Hartco custom seats.  The density of ever foam is measured on a gram scale to fit the weight of both rider and passenger.  This seat can be covered with all vinyl or with a velour top to prevent heat and perspiration.  It comes with or without a driver’s backrest.
Yamaha Tour Deluxe

The Yamaha Tour Deluxe is exactly what it is described to be.  Hartco has added a custom motorcycle seat to it’s super lineup of motorcycle seats.  The Hartco saddle is hand-poured custom measured for correct foam density for the rider and passenger.  Each saddle is then custom cut to the height, weight and inseam of each customer, one at a time.  Hartco NEVER sells an “off the shelf” seat.  We build each and every seat to the exact specs of that customer. And the saddle can be ordered with or without the driver’s backrest.  Ask the competition is they are going to build the seat that you are spending your hard-earned cash for for you and only for you.  Then call Hartco!