Suzuki Motorcycle Seats


Every custom motorcycle seat that Hartco builds is built to height, weight and inseam for both driver and passenger.  Suzuki custom seats can be ordered with or without the removable and fully adjustable drivers backrest, as well as a custom passenger pad on the trunk.

Suzuki 1500 Intruder

The Hartco custom, aftermarket motorcycle seat  for the 1500 Suzuki Intruder LC is really the hot deal. The Intruder factory front seat allows the driver to slide forward and is flat in the center and rounds down on the edges, leaving the driver to ride on a short piece of telephone pole. The passenger is worse. Narrow and hard. The Hartco custom Kawasaki motorcycle seat is a full 15 1/2 inches wide for the driver and nice and scooped out and tilted back 16 degrees so he sits down in the seat for full support with no danger of sliding forward. The passenger seat is 15 inches wide and is also shaped to sit ‘in’ rather than ‘on’.

This completely custom, aftermarket motorcycle seat for the Kawasaki 1500 Intruder  is available with or without a driver’s backrest which is removable by simply pulling it out of this custom motorcycle seat  for sport riding.

Suzuki C90/C90T Boulevard

Suzuki really opened new doors with the stylish Boulevard series.  Beautiful styling and great performance.  All the line needed was a good seat.  The Hartco Boulevard seat does all the same things the Hartco seat is famous for.  It cradles your butt and moves the weight from your butt bones to softer areas which distributes your weight evenly for a comfy ride all day.