Kawasaki Motorcycle Seats


Every custom motorcycle seat that Hartco builds is built to height, weight and inseam for both driver and passenger.  Custom seats can be ordered with or without the removable and fully adjustable drivers backrest, as well as a custom passenger pad on the trunk.

Kawasaki 1700 Vulcan/Voyager/Nomad/VN 1700G Vulcan Classic LT

Hartco International introduces its completely custom built replacement seat for the 2009-2018 Kawasaki 1700 Vulcan, Vulcan VN1700 G  Classic  LT, 1700 Voyager or 1700 Nomad.  Hartco is replacing the narrow, uncomfortable factory seat with a completely hand-constructed seat that is three inches wider under the rider’s bottom.  No longer will you be dumped forward on your ‘family jewels’. All the angles have been changed so that there is not a slope behind your butt forcing you to ride on the back of your butt-cheeks and dumping your crotch forward into the upward slope of the nose.  Hartco flattened the upward slope which provides the rider with more sitting space. The design ergonomics of the Hartco seat removes the pressure from your tail bone and your ‘sits’ bones.  The new Hartco Seat for the Vulcan/Voyager/Nomad offers comfortable under leg support because of its wider structure to distribute the rider’s weight away from your skinny, boney bottom. It’s like riding in an easy chair! Each Hartco Custom Seat for the Vulcan/Voyager/Nomad is constructed to the height, weight and inseam of BOTH the rider and passenger. The dual-density, self-conforming foam is hand poured to each rider’s weight respectively. The seat can be constructed for very tall or very short riders. The new Hartco Seat comes with or without a built-in, removable, fully adjustable driver’s backrest. The backrest folds forward so she can swing her leg across and is fully adjustable fore and aft four inches.  This is the quintessential all-day motorcycle seat.

The new, beautiful, exquisitely comfortable Hartco seat for the Kawasaki Voyager/Vulcan/Nomad also has available a pull over, user friendly cover for the factory passenger’s backrest to match the seat.  

Now you have the most comfortable seat in the world and a matching passenger’s backrest.

Kawasaki 1700 Black

Hartco also makes the new hand-built Kawasaki 1700 Voyager, Vulcan, Nomad in all black marine grade vinyl. The seat can also be ordered with a great selection of colors in marine grade velour cloth for heat and perspiration prevention. The Hartco custom seat for the Kawasaki Voyager, Vulcan, Nomad is completely constructed to the height, weight and inseam of both the driver and passenger and comes with a built-in, completely adjustable and removable driver’s backrest. The Hartco seat for the Kawasaki Voyager can be ordered for tall and large riders or short, inseam challenged riders. Hartco assures the satisfaction of all our customers.

Kawasaki Voyager XII

The Kawasaki Voyager XII is a very popular model at Hartco. Hartco has  been custom building this Kawasaki motorcycle seat since 1986. The two-piece factory seat is replaced with a custom tailored Hartco hand-built motorcycle seat  designed for each individual customer. The foam in the front and rear seat is fabricated to exacting proportions to fit the driver and passenger. This Kawasaki Voyager XII motorcycle is built to tour or run the twisties and has plenty of power and agility, and our Hartco custom motorcycle seat is also built to do both.

This saddle is available with a built-in, removable and fully adjustable driver’s backrest and comes with a velour cloth top if desired.

Kawasaki Vulcan 1600

Kawasaki could have given their Vulcan 1600 Nomad a more comfortable seat, but they did not.  So, Hartco made it happen. Our custom motorcycle seat for the Kawasaki Nomad 1600 is designed for long-haul comfort for both you AND your passenger.  We’ve scooped the seat to cradle your butt in a 17-inch wide masterpiece…and your passenger gets a 14 1/2-inch wide hand-poured foam seat that’s perfect for those long rides.

The custom Hartco seat for the Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 can be ordered in simple, yet rich looking, soft-touch vinyl or can be fully decked out with chrome studs only or studs with skirts and conchos. The Viking saddle is also available with a velour top for protection against heat and perspiration.

Kawasaki Vulcan 2000

This comfort creation by Hartco is just what the doctor ordered for the big Kaw V-twin.  It is a full 17-1/2 inches across and dished out to fit your round bottom.  The passenger was not forgotten.  Her part is a full 14-1/2 inches across.  This seat can be had in all vinyl or with a velour top for heat and perspiration prevention.  It is also available with a removable driver’s backrest.

Kawasaki 1500 Vulcan/Nomad/Classic

Hartco has designed the Viking saddle for the 1500 Classic, Vulcan, and Nomad to give the rider and passenger the same long distance, smooth and comfortable riding pleasure that the bike offers. The saddle is completely hand built to the rider’s and passenger’s specifications and can be constructed to a maximum width of 18 inches for the driver and 15 inches for the passenger. The front and rear foams are poured in accordance with the weights of the driver and passenger. The saddle bucket is concave for relief from those “butt bone” hot spots. This is a motorcycle saddle that is built to keep the riders comfortable for as many miles as they care to ride. The saddle can be ordered in simple, yet rich looking, soft-touch vinyl or can be fully decked out with chrome studs only or studs with skirts and conchos. The Viking saddle is also available with a velour top for protection against heat and perspiration.