Honda Motorcycle Seats


Looking for Honda Goldwings?? Custom Honda Goldwing motorcycle seats are extremely popular and Hartco International provides complete line of saddles and covers for every model of Honda Goldwing with a wide variety of colors, stitching, and other accessories. Because of that, Honda Goldwings have their own section.

For other Honda motorcycle seats like F6B, Valkyrie, VTX, and Shadow, please select below.

Honda Goldwings

Honda F6B


Honda F6B Motorcycle Seat with Driver's BackrestHartco International makes the only truly custom-built Honda F6B motorcycle seat on the market. Each and every motorcycle seat is completely constructed from scratch. Hartco hand pours the foam to the correct density for the weight of the rider and passenger separately. Then the foam is hand shaped to the height and leg dimensions of the rider and passenger. The top ½ of the Hartco F6B seat is comprised of the visco-elastic foam developed by NASA for the space shuttle. It absorbs 98% of and shock, impact or vibration. The desired seat height and reach to the handle bars are both determined and the seat is designed accordingly. The Hartco seat is dished under your tush so you are not riding on your boney butt cheeks all day. The Hartco custom seat offers leg support to distribute the weight away from the tender spots under your bottom. Honda F6B Motorcycle Seat

The passenger seat is wider and much more luxurious than the factory seat. It can be equipped with a built-it, fully adjustable driver’s back rest. The backrest can be quickly and easily removed for sport riding. It adjusts fore and aft with the turn of one knob.  It comes with a pouch on the back for her maps and goodies. Nothing on the market compares.

Honda F6B ostrich grey

Here are gorgeous Hartco Custom F6B motorcycle seat with and without removable a built-in driver’s backrest. The backrest folds forward to allow ease of mounting, or it can be removed completely by simply pulling it out for a sleek sporty looking ride.

The cover is faux ostrich done in grey. Every seat is individually made to height, weight and inseam.


Honda Valkyrie


The completely custom-built Hartco Valkyrie seat can be ordered in smooth, luxurious marine-grade vinyl.  It comes with a built-in, fully adjustable driver’s backrest or just the two piece seat.  The front seat is hand built to the dimensions of the driver and the back seat is also completely hand fabricated to the height and weight of the passenger. Each seat has a nice butt-shaped pocket to protect your tender tush.

Hartco also builds this seat only model so that the front of the pillion pad supports the lower back of the driver with-out investing in a driver’s backrest pad.  The front and back seats are hand poured to the weight of the driver and passenger. This Hartco seat is designed for all day riding pleasure.

Honda Valkyrie Warrier

In love with your Honda Valkyrie, but hate the seat?? Hartco has the answer in their new Warrior custom motorcycle seat for the motorcycle Valkyrie. Hartco has long been known for building super comfortable aftermarket touring seats for Goldwings and other touring bikes. After months of pressure from avid Hartco saddlery fans, Mark designed an extraordinary saddle for the Honda Valkyrie standard, touring and interstate that has the comfort of a large touring seat but maintains the nostalgic but sleek look needed for the big “V”. This custom motorcycle seat  is meant to ride tank to tank and it’s unique design can only improve the already show stopping looks of Honda’s big cruiser. Hartco has added up to four inches width to the driver’s seat and four inches to the passenger’s seat. The ladies are gonna love this! The Hartco Warrior motorcycle seat is built in two pieces to allow the solo saddle look. No Honda Valkyrie is adequately equipped without it.


Honda Valkyrie with Flame stitch

The most comfortable Valkyrie seat on the market. This seat is completely hand-crafted to the height, weight and inseam of the rider and passenger. No more stopping every seventy five miles to rest your bottom. This is truly and all day touring saddle. This gorgeous saddle comes with a flame stitch. This creation by Hartco Seats International comes with or without a built-in, removable and fully adjustable driver’s backrest.

Honda VTX 1800

When the Honda VTX 1800 Retro was introduced, it took away the breath of many motorcycle devotees. However, the seat is a big disappointment. As with most sport seats, the shape is poor, not allowing the driver’s backside to access the rearmost and largest part of the seat. The rider has to push rearward to get to the wide part of the seat. At that point, this motorcycle seat starts an upward slant which is very uncomfortable to sit on. The Hartco custom motorcycle seat solves all that by changing the angle of the Honda seat and removing the upward slant at the back. Therefore, the driver’s bottom is fully supported and sitting all the way back in a comfy pocket shaped just like their butt. The driver’s seat is 16 inches wide and all usable. The passenger has a full 14 1/2 inches of contoured comfort hand poured to their weight. Hartco makes this custom aftermarket motorcycle seat for the Honda VTX 1800 R,S,C,F,N and T models.

All Honda VTX 1800 models offer an optional driver’s backrest that is removable and adjustable. Velour cloth tops for Hartco’s aftermarket Honda VTX 1800 seats are available in a wide choice of colors at no extra charge.

Honda VTX 1300 C

The Hartco aftermarket, custom seat for the VTX 1300 Custom has all the attributes of the Retro including contoured sitting areas but is a bit more’s section with the foam hand poured to each rider’s weight. The full width of the driver’s and passenger’s sections are usable from edge to edge in contrast to the factory seat where the humped-up middle is the only usable part of the seat. The look really complements the lines of the bike and still offers a larger and tremendously more comfortable seat.

This custom, aftermarket motorcycle seat is also available with or without a driver’s backrest.

Honda VTX 1300 R and S models

The Hartco custom, aftermarket seat for the VTX 1300 Retro and S models is such a drastic improvement over the factory seat that there is not enough space here to describe all the improvements. When the driver attempts to sit back into the large part of the factory seat, the seat begins to angle upward forcing the driver to hold himself back in the seat and essentially ride on his tail bone and butt bones. Then, he continually slides forward down to the more narrow part of the seat that offers no support. The passenger is relegated to a narrow, humped up, hard pillion pad that could lead to separation or divorce.

The Hartco custom motorcycle seat for the Honda VTX 1300 is a full sixteen inches of scooped out, supportive area that cradles the driver’s bottom and does not allow you to slide forward. The passenger’s area is a full 14 1/2 inches across and is constructed to their weight so they are not sitting on a foam designed for a heavier person as is the case with most seat companies.

This custom motorcycle seat comes with or without a removable and fully adjustable driver’s backrest and is available with an optional velour cloth top to control heat and perspiration.


Honda VT 1100 Shadow, Ace and Spirit

The Hartco saddle VT 1100 Shadow Ace and Spirit is the ultimate solution for the “tired butt” syndrome associated with factory Honda Shadow seats. Dished so the rider and passenger’s butts are down in the saddle instead on riding on the hump. No more sliding forward for the driver and no more of the passenger begging to stop and rest. The driver’s seat can be made as wide as 18 inches for large riders or as small as needed for those men or women who are “inseam challenged”. The passenger pad is 14 1/2 inches wide for full support for your lady. All Hartco after market custom seats are constructed according to height, weight and inseam. Like the factory, the seat comes in two pieces with the nose of the pillion pad serving as a lumbar support. This custom motorcycle seat can also be ordered with a removable and fully adjustable rider backrest.

Any Hartco motorcycle seat can be ordered with all vinyl or with a velour, cloth top for heat and perspiration control.


Honda VT 750 Shadow, Ace, Aero and Spirit

The Hartco line of custom replacement motorcycle seats for the Honda 750 Shadows is created with all the attributes of their big brothers. The Hartco custom motorcycle seat can be made for a man or woman, large or small, heavy or light. The Hartco aftermarket motorcycle seat comes with or without a built-in rider’s backrest and can be ordered with or with out the velour, cloth top for heat and perspiration prevention.