Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Seats


Every custom motorcycle seat that Hartco builds is built to height, weight and inseam for both driver and passenger.  Harley-Davidson custom seats can be ordered with or without the removable and fully adjustable drivers backrest, as well as a custom passenger pad on the trunk.

Dyna Wideglide

This Hartco saddle for the 1997 and newer Harley Davidson FXDL/FXDLI Dyna Wide Glide is a drastic improvement over the factory saddle. As is usually the case, the factory seat is flat with no shape and allows the rider and passenger to slide forward and ride directly on the tips of their hip bones, causing hot spots or butt fatigue. The front seat is 15 inches of usable sitting area and the backseat is a full 11½ inches which gives much more passenger area while still retaining the streamlined look.  This saddle can be ordered with or without the driver’s backrest. 


Hartco International has manufactured custom seats for the Harley Davidson FLHT/Electraglide family of bikes since 1986. Each custom motorcycle seat is hand crafted to exact specifications of rider and co-rider. Hartco takes the height, weight, and inseam of the rider and the passenger and hand pours the foam individually for each custom after market motorcycle seat for Harley Davidson FLHT/Electraglide. Then we sculpt the optional built-in, removable driver’s backrest that is fully adjustable and lays forward flat for easy passenger mounting and dismounting. Hartco custom motorcycle seats for Harley Davidson come in all high quality soft touch vinyl or velour cloth inserts for heat and perspiration control.

Electraglide Ultra limited

These are some examples of Hartco’s beautiful, hand-crafted custom seats for all Electraglide, FLHTCUI and limited Harley Davidson motorcycles from 2008 through 2014.

Roadking with driver's backrest

This new Harley Davidson Road King custom seat by Hartco is really exciting! The saddle allows the rider to sit all the way back in the seat without any danger of sliding forward. This after market, custom motorcycle seat has a nice scooped out place that cradles your bottom with loving care for those long, hard miles. The rider’s seat is sixteen inches across and the passenger’s is thirteen inches across – also nicely scooped for a super soft ride. All Hartco custom Road King seats are hand made to height, weight, and inseam. The Hartco Road King custom motorcycle seat comes with an optional removable and adjustable driver’s backrest that leans all the way forward for passenger mounting and, of course, is easily removed for sport riding. The aftermarket seat comes with optional studs and skirts with conchos.

Roadking with black studs

This gorgeous custom built seat by Hartco comes with black studs. The seat is completely custom built to the customers’ height, weight and inseam (both driver and passenger).The driver’s backrest adjusts forward and backward with the turn of one knob and is removable for sport riding.

This is a dazzling seat to set off any Roadking. And, the most comfortable seat on the market. The custom saddle is shown here with and without the driver’s backrest.

Heritage Softail & Fatboy

Since 1984, Harley Davidson has made a beautiful Softail model with a seat that we feel is somewhat lacking. The stock front seat does not have the width needed for the average rider and the back seat… well, that’s common knowledge. Riding on the fender has been about as comfortable. Hartco has designed the new Outlaw Saddle to change all that. The Hartco custom front seat is wider, deeper, and is designed to ride tank to tank. And we didn’t forget the passenger! The back seat is also wider and contoured to fit the natural shape of the rider. Like all our custom, after market motorcycle seats we use dual density, self-conforming foam that is state-of-the-art in riding comfort. The Hartco Outlaw seat fits all Softails since 1984. The Hartco custom Outlaw motorcycle seat is built in two pieces to allow the solo saddle look.

FLHT Roadglide/Streetglide

Hartco’s new Harley Davidson Roadglide seat is Hartco’s most innovative accomplishment to date.  Hartco has taken the basic design of it’s FLHT and improved on it. This custom seat for Harley Davidson Roadglide and Streetglide is the true ALL DAY MOTORCYCLE SEAT!! It is a full 17 inches across and can be made wider for guys up to 450 pounds. Any saddle that Hartco makes can be lowered or raised for leg length.  The passenger width starts at 16 inches wide and can be wider or narrower.  This is a true custom motorcycle seat. All Hartco custom motorcycle seats are hand poured from the liquid polyurethane foam to the exact weight of driver and passenger.  This is the most comfortable custom, aftermarket motorcycle seat for Harley Davidson Roadglide and Streetglide on the market.

This custom motorcycle seat comes with or without a driver’s backrest.



FLHT Roadglide/Streetglide with flame stitching

This gorgeous custom built Roadglide/Streetglide seat comes in black marine-grade vinyl with grey flame stitching. This seat can be ordered with a built-in, removable driver’s backrest.

Harley Davidson Electraglide Ultra Limited, faux Alligator

This gorgeous creation by Hartco Seats International is just another example of hand crafted magic by Hartco. This faux alligator saddle is the most comfortable long distance seat on the market. Every Hartco seat is built to the height, weight and inseam of both the rider and the passenger. The seat has an ergonomically scooped pocket for your tender bottom so that you don’t get that butt burn or hot spots. The seat is wide under the soft, untender backs of your legs which distributes the weight evenly and away from your boney butt. This seat can be ordered with or without a built-in, removable and fully adjustable driver’s backrest. This Hartco seat is a truly all day saddle.