Can-Am Spyder Motorcycle Seats

Can-Am Spyder


Every custom motorcycle seat that Hartco builds is built to height, weight and inseam for both driver and passenger.  Can-Am Spyder saddles can be ordered with or without the removable and fully adjustable drivers backrest, as well as a custom passenger pad on the trunk.

Big Boy seat for Can-Am Spyder RT

Hartco builds all models of Can-Am Spyder RT (all models) from 2010 through 2013.  This Big Boy seat has the driver moved back two inches for more leg room.

All Hartco seats are hand crafted to fit the size of both driver and passenger.  The foam is hand-weighed in it’s liquid state and hand-poured for the weight of both driver and passenger individually. The seat is then hand-carved to the height and leg length of driver and passenger.

A Hartco seat for the Can-Am Spyder RT can be made closer to the handlebars for folks with a short reach or farther away for large riders.  The Hartco saddle for the Can-Am Spyder RTcomes with or without a built-in, fully adjustable and removable driver’s backrest with a pouch on the back for her goodies.

Hartco seats are designed with a nice, comfortable bucket to cradle your bottom so that your weight is NOT on your butt bones. Hartco touring seats are designed to ride all day.

Hartco touring seats for the Can-Am Spyder RT can be ordered in all soft-touch vinyl or with marine-grade velour tops to protect you from heat and perspiration.  All Can-Am saddles can be made with or without driver’s backrest.


Can-Am small person saddle

Hartco constructs every Can Am Spyder seat to the height, weight and inseam of the driver and passenger.  This particular saddle has been made for a woman driver of 5′ 5″ tall and 140 pounds.  The lumbar area has been moved forward one inch to give her greater access to the handle bars.  Also the area under her legs has been lowered.  This Can Am seat has been covered in grey velour to protect the rider from heat and perspiration.

This Can-Am Spyder seat is shown both with and without the removable and fully adjustable driver’s backrest.  The foam is hand-poured to the weight of the driver and passenger separately. This custom seat has a deep bucket to cradle your butt for the long haul.  This custom Can-Am Spyder saddle is designed for all day travel.

Can-Am saddle for the average size

This beautiful black velour Can-Am Spyder seat is custom built for an average size person so far as reach to the handle bars.  The foam is then hand measured so that the density is specific to the size of the driver and passenger.  The velour top prevents heat and perspiration. The driver’s backrest is easily removable and is adjustable fore and aft and folds forward for her to mount.  The backrest pad comes with a removable pouch for maps etc.

This crushed black velour saddle for the Can-Am Spyder is shown here with and without the driver’s backrest.  To remove the backrest, simply pull it from the seat and store it in the saddlebag.

Can-Am saddle Apricot Brown

This beautiful Hartco Custom designed Can-Am Spyder in beautiful apricot brown comes with a removable driver’s backrest with a removable pouch on the back for her goodies. The driver’s backrest leans forward 90 degrees for her to mount easily. It is also adjustable fore and aft by turning one screw. The driver backrest removes by simply pulling it from the seat and storing in the saddlebag.

Can-Am saddle Caribbean Blue

Another beautiful choice from Hartco Seats International. An absolutely beautiful Caribbean Blue velour top on a custom built Can-Am Spyder. Every Hartco seat is COMPLETELY custom designed and built from the ground up for the individual rider AND passenger. It doesn’t matter if you are seven feet tall or 4′ 6″ and 83 pounds. Hartco will get your legs positioned perfectly and the foam, front and rear, will be hand poured to the exact weights of rider and passenger. This gorgeous seat comes in Caribbean Blue and is astounding. AND…you will never, ever, get hot and sweaty. This Hartco seat comes with a built-in, removable, fully adjustable driver’s backrest.

Can-Am Spyder RT two tone seat

Another gorgeous creation by Hartco Seats International. This beautiful custom crafted seat comes in two tone black and grey. This hand built seat can be ordered with or without a built-in, removable, fully adjustable driver’s backrest. This saddle cradles your butt bones in a nice scooped out pocket and offers under thigh leg support so that your body weight is distributed over a greater area to prevent butt burn and hot spots. This is truly and all day seat.