BMW Motorcycle Seats

Every custom motorcycle seat that Hartco builds is built to height, weight and inseam for both driver and passenger.  Most custom seats can be ordered with or without the removable and fully adjustable drivers backrest, as well as a custom passenger pad on the trunk.
BMW K 1200 LT

This BMW does it all. What a creation! Now all this BMW 1200 LT  needs is a comfortable, custom, aftermarket seat. Hartco has taken the front seat and widened it to a fully usable 17 inches. The seat is contoured in a concave fashion and tilted back a few degrees so the driver is able to sit all the way back in the seat and utilize all the area rather than being pushed forward leaving only a narrow convex part of the seat to ride on. The passenger’s portion is also scooped a bit to add comfort. Each half of this custom motorcycle seat is hand poured to ensure the correct foam density.

The seat for this BMW 1200 LT is not available with a heater but it does come with an optional driver’s backrest that is removable and adjustable. A velour cloth top for heat and perspiration control is also available on this custom motorcycle seat.