Vinyl & Velour Seat Covers

Vinyl and Velour seatcovers for Honda Goldwing

Hartco makes the best fitting replacement covers for the Honda GL1500 Goldwing on the market. The covers protect against heat and perspiration and can dress up the look of the bike with color matching. The cover we make for the seat covers the entire factory seat. We also make a cover for the passenger backrest and covers to fit any model driver’s backrest and armrests. We stock a myriad of colors to compliment the Honda paint colors and vinyl colors to closely match the vinyl Honda uses for their GL1500 Goldwings. The covers are easy to install and can be done on your kitchen table with no tools.  Our velour replacement covers for the Honda GL1500 Goldwing go over the existing cover.  You do not have to remove the factory cover to install them. The covers fit so well that after a week it is difficult to tell the difference between our fitted covers and one of our custom seats. The covers stay in place and do not move around.

Honda Goldwing, Caribbean Blue

Hartco Seats International has many, many beautiful colors to match or compliment all colors of all years of Honda Goldwings, from the GL1100 through the GL1800. The color here is called Caribbean Blue. Gorgeous, huh?!  Hartco covers fit like they are sprayed on. Most observers will never know this is not a high-dollar custom seat and the ride is cool and perspiration free. Hartco has covers for the seat, any make of driver’s backrest, the passenger pad and any brand of aftermarket armrests.

Honda GL 1500 seatcovers

Our covers for the Honda GL 1500 Goldwing come in many color matched choices. This is a nice burgundy set with seat, driver’s backrest, passenger’s backrest and armrest covers. This set of after market, replacement motorcycle seatcovers goes well with the two tone red Honda GL1500 Goldwings’ paint. The burgundy color brings out the darker of the red paints.

GL1800 seatcovers with wolves

Here is a set of smooth black velour over black vinyl seatcovers for any Honda GL 1800 Goldwing.  Shown are a set with seat, driver’s backrest, passenger’s backrest and armrest covers.  The covers can be ordered with or without the wolves.  Eagle or wolf embroidery is extra.

GL1200 and GL1100 seatcovers

Hartco also makes vinyl only seatcovers for all factory seats for the Honda  Goldwings from the 1980 GL1100, GL1200, GL1500 through the 2010 GL1800.  The covers can be in all vinyl as shown or with marine-grade velour tops and vinyl sides.  We also make covers for all models of driver’s backrests, passenger’s backrest and armrests.