Honda Goldwing Motorcycle Seats

Honda Goldwing

Every custom motorcycle seat that Hartco builds is built to height, weight and inseam for both driver and passenger.  Custom Goldwing seats can be ordered with or without the removable and fully adjustable drivers backrest, as well as a custom passenger pad on the trunk.

Honda GL 1800 Goldwing

HEATERS ARE NOW AVAILABLE IN HARTCO’S HONDA GL1800 SEATS.  Hartco is now producing the new 2012 Honda GL 1800 Gold wing.  Because of the innovations and the drastic departure from the norm in touring, the GL 1800 touring bike demands a custom motorcycle seat that can keep up. Hartco spent months in preparation for the newly designed motorcycle seat needed to compliment the 1800. Folks, fasten your seat belt because this PRO TOUR custom motorcycle seat is built for a rocket ship!  Every curve and every area of support was designed with only the GL 1800 in mind. Whether it be long distance touring, screaming on the curves, or daily transportation to work, throwing a leg over the Hartco PRO TOUR is always exciting. As with all Hartco saddles, each 1800 PRO TOUR custom motorcycle seat is built one at a time per the customer’s specifications and needs. If he or she is “inseam challenged” and needs to be closer to the ground, the saddle will be constructed as low as needed and narrowed where appropriate. If the driver needs to be further away from the bars, we can move him back two full inches. If a “big man” saddle is required, we can build one for the largest of riders. A fully adjustable and removable driver’s backrest is available with a pouch on the back for the passenger’s munchies or other necessities.

The saddle comes in all “soft touch” vinyl or in a marine grade velour top with a matching passenger backrest cover in a variety of gorgeous colors. For passengers that want more room in the back or feel the passenger leans too far back, Hartco makes a replacement Honda GL 1800 passenger backrest that offers an inch and a half more passenger space and a more upright passenger backrest.

Hartco PRO TOUR Saddles are the ONLY custom motorcycle seats in the world built with Visco Elastic Memory Foam, a state-of-the-art foam developed for NASA and the aerospace industry. Up until now, Memory Foam has only been used in applications where long periods of immobility or the danger of high impact was involved. Hartco’s new Memory Foam far surpasses conventional foams, gel inserts, or air bladders. This foam conforms instantly to the exact shape and sitting position of the driver and passenger and distributes the body weight of each rider evenly over the surface of the motorcycle seat so that there are absolutely no pressure points.

Our new memory foam is capable of withstanding tremendous shock and absorbing vibration which would make other seating materials unbearable. This means hours of interruption-free riding rather than a contest to see who can stand the pain the longest. Hartco PRO TOUR Honda custom seats are built one at a time according to height and leg length and each foam is hand poured for perfect weight density for driver and passenger. Hartco PRO TOUR custom motorcycle seats are available with a built-in driver backrest which is adjustable up, down, forward, backward, and folds forward for easier passenger mounting. The PRO TOUR series of after market custom Honda motorcycle seats is available in models for GL 1800, GL 1500, GL 1200, GL 1100, and GL 1000.

Honda GL 1800 Pro Tour

Hartco is now offering the Honda GL 1800 PRO TOUR custom motorcycle seat for GL1800 Goldwings.  This is another of Hartco’s famous hand built custom seats constructed to the rider and passenger’s height, weight and inseam.  Each saddle is completely custom made one at a time.  This new GL1800 Honda Goldwing seat and be purchased with heaters and with the Hartco upright, thinner passenger’s backrest.  It comes with a built-in, removable and fully adjustable driver’s backrest with a pouch for her goodies.


Honda GL 1800 Goldwing with Velour top

Hartco custom touring seats for Honda GL 1800 Goldwings can be ordered in all vinyl or with the climate friendly velour top. The velour top on the Honda motorcycle seat by Hartco does not get hot and sweaty like all vinyl and can prevent many of the problems associated with long, hot days in the saddle such as “hot spots”, rash, chaffing or just plain discomfort. The velour is not waterproof, but can be treated with any quality water-proofing such as Scotchguard or other silicone based fabric treatments. Hartco manufactures the finest, most custom, after market motorcycle seat in the world.


Honda GL 1800 faux Alligator

HEATERS ARE NOW AVAILABLE IN HARTCO GL1800 SEATS.  The Hartco PRO TOUR saddle can be ordered in faux alligator or lizard.? This custom built motorcycle seat is absolutely breath taking in exotic faux skin whether it be ostrich, alligator or lizard. The same painstaking building techniques are utilized in the construction of any of these saddles.? The difference is the look and the unusual beauty of these Hartco custom, aftermarket seats.


Honda GL 1800 faux Lizard

HEATERS ARE NOW AVAILABLE IN HARTCO GL1800 SEATS.  Another beautiful and unusual treatment for the Hartco PRO TOUR custom motorcycle seat. This new cover is absolutely astounding to see.  This is one that will make all your riding buddies jealous!  This Hartco custom seat for the Honda GL1800 Goldwing can be ordered with or without the built-in drivers backrest and with a cover to re-upholster your existing passenger bad or with Hartco’s new thinner more upright replacement passenger pad.


2014 Honda GL 1800 Pro Tour

This Hartco saddle for the 2014 Honda GL1800 Goldwing is completely hand-crafted to the height, weight and inseam of the driver and passenger.  The custom seat can be up to 2 1/2 inches further away from the handle bars to get your knees out of the fairing or closer for small riders that can’t comfortably reach the handle bars.  Each foam is hand-poured to the weight of the drive and passenger and each seat has a nice butt shaped pocket to protect your tender tush.  This saddle is designed in two-tone marine grade vinyl with a a full adjustable and removable driver’s backrest with a pouch on the back for her goodies.


Honda GL 1800 Pro Tour Velour-top saddle

Hartco Pro Tour saddles are available in many beautiful colors of velour cloth.  The velour can be ordered to compliment the color of your paint and to protect you from heat and perspiration. Velour does not get hot in the summer and is warmer in the winter.


GL 1800 with Caribbean Blue Velour

This is a Hartco Pro Tour saddle in Caribbean blue velour.  This beautiful blue velour was chosen to match with blues of different years of the Honda GL1800 Goldwing. This velour will protect you from heat and perspiration and be cool in summer and warm in winter.


Honda GL 1800 Two Tone

Hartco PRO TOUR saddles can be ordered in two tone gray and black vinyl at no extra charge.


Honda GL 1500 Wineberry

This is Hartco International’s wineberry/brown all vinyl after-market, custom motorcycle seat for the Honda GL 1500 Goldwing. This vinyl color is a near-perfect match for the factory wineberry seats. The red Honda GL 1500 seats between 1994 and 1996 were this color.  This custom motorcycle seat comes with a fully adjustable and removable rider backrest and a matching replacement cover for the factory passenger pad.  All Hartco seats are individually custom made motorcycle seats for each rider and passenger. Each motorcycle seat foam is hand fabricated for the height, weight and inseam of each rider and passenger.  Hartco makes the most comfortable after market, custom motorcycle seat in the world.


Honda GL 1500 grey

This Hartco President Saddle for the Honda Goldwing GL 1500 is a custom motorcycle seat made from the finest materials including dual-layered, multi-density polyurethane foam developed for motorcycle seats to provide total body support without creating painful pressure points during extended rides. This allows the rider to ride IN the seat rather than ON the frame. Hartco’s high-tech motorcycle seat foam will not break down.? The GL 1500 Honda Goldwing custom seat can also be ordered in the PRO TOUR saddle that includes a layer of? the visco-elastic foam developed for NASA for the space shuttle.

Hartco custom, aftermarket motorcycle seats are built to assure a perfect fit for your height, weight, and inseam. The Hartco “Slenderlegs” rider backrest leans forward for easier mounting and dismounting and has infinite adjustments for perfect back support with no bulging levers or bars. The Hartco rider backrest also includes a detachable storage pouch. The “Slenderlegs” driver backrest removes quickly for easy storing. Our seat colors are custom coded in vinyl or velour to match for your specific motorcycle.


Honda GL 1500 Spencer Black Velour

This beautiful black velour cloth is a heavy, durable nylon based velour with tiny light blue and coral colored inserts. If used on a wineberry or red bike the tiny coral inserts seem to match the wineberry , burgundy or red paint.  If Spencer black is used on a blue bike the tiny light blue inserts seem to “jump out” and match the blue paint. The side vinyl is black.

Velour seat covers are chosen by customers to rid themselves of heat and perspiration while riding.  Or, to match or accent the paint colors of their bike or pin-striping.


Honda GL 1500 Otter Brown

This beautiful otter brown color was offered by Honda on the 1990 GL1500 SE only.  It is a very difficult color to match and Hartco’s color is almost identical.


Honda GL 1200 and 1100 Goldwing

Hartco makes the PRO TOUR and President custom motorcycle seats for the Honda GL 1100 starting in 1980 through the Honda GL 1200 ending in 1987.  Each custom motorcycle seat can be ordered with or without a built-in driver’s backrest and in all vinyl or with a velour top to protect against heat and perspiration.

As with all Hartco after market seats, each saddle in hand built from scratch to the height, weight and inseam of the driver and the passenger.  This custom seat is built so that the riders sit “in” the saddle rather that “on” it.  Hartco can construct a custom motorcycle seat to the shortest to the tallest rider and the lightest to the heaviest. You can always trust your motorcycle riding comfort to Hartco.


Honda GL 1000 Goldwing

The technology available in 1975 in the motorcycle seat business was in its primitive stage. Even into the early 80’s all seat companies were still attempting to perfect their designs. In the new millennium, most seat companies are still using the same old antiquated seat molds developed in the beginning of the replacement seat industry. Not Hartco. Because every saddle is custom made, we are able to utilize the latest secrets in riding comfort on any year seat, whether it is a 1974 or 2005 model. As with all Hartco Saddles, the seat can be for a lumberjack or a ballerina. We build every saddle to the height, weight, and inseam of the rider. We care about both driver and passenger – and each seat is built accordingly.

The President Saddle for the GL 1000 comes with or without a built-in, removable and fully adjustable driver’s backrest.

All Hartco touring saddles can be ordered with cloth (velour) tops to control heat and perspiration or in all soft-touch vinyl.