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I received my new seat for my Yamaha Roadstar 1700 on July 16th.  I rushed to install the new saddle because I had a trip planned that week.  My first day I rode 340 miles.  I am 5'6" tall and weigh 190.  Hartco built the seat to my dimensions and what a ride.  I rode the first day all day with no butt pain...and, the seat just keeps getting better!  I just wanted to share this with other riders.

Patrick M.  Virginia


Dear Mark,

Just a line to let you know that we love our new seat.  After about 70 miles on the old seat on our Goldwing I, as a passenger, had to get off for a few minutes.

We took our first ride on our new Hartco seat to a Honda shop 120 miles away and never had to get off until we arrived.  How can this seat ever get better than this???!!!  Last Sunday we traveled 381 miles round trip and only stopped for gas and food and nver got sore butts or legs.  Enclosed you will find a picture of our bike and new seat.

Ed and Diane G.  Vermont


After spending the day in Salt Lake City we decided basically to head for home. We left from Sioux Falls S.D. at 6 A.M. and rode straight 1017 miles arriving home at 11:30 PM.  We stopped for gas, food, and just stretching but made it.  Our iron butts were tired and sore but we could have NEVER ridden that far without our Hartco seat.

Carol and Norm L.  KY.


To All at Hartco,

Thank you for the great service on my order.  I could not believe the prompt, fast service!  It my surpirse it was much sooner than I expected. the quality of the workmanship is great.  Linda did an great job helping me with the order.  The quality of the PRO TOUR is well worth the little extra for those who put in the high mile days.  We are very happy so far with our purchase from Hartco.


John and Carole Z.  New Mexico


I recently had the good fortune to have a seat custom made by Hartco International in Crescent City Florida.  Like so many others, I am "vertically challenged". In talking with Mark Hart at Hartco, I was pleased by his personal interest in helping me with my saddle problem.  the conventional seat on my GL 1500 had me on my tip toes, but if I cut the foam myself the seat simulated a large brick.  Mark haid he'd had experience with the problem. After taking my height, weight, and inseam he explained how he would give me the extra comfort I wanted and the height I needed.  The result was out of this world!!  I would recommend Mark and all the folks at Hartco International motorcycle seats without hesitation.  The finished product is a real delight.

Tony A. Uniontown Oh.





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